Jeannie McGregor on C.O.R.E.Y. Presentation

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C.O.R.E.Y. Presentation: So proud of our student audiences this morning as we listened to Corey’s Mom share the story of her son who died in a motorcycle accident just after he got his license when he was only 21. Our students were so respectful. The RCMP talked about legal consequences and ICBC talked about road safety and risks to be aware of. It was an informative session and it very much applies to us here in Vanderhoof as we almost all ride motorcycles or four wheelers. Corey’s mom showed us what new boots look like and what used boots look like – reminding us of the need to keep the boots in good shape by replacing buckles and toe guards etc. She also talked about “beanie” helmets being illegal now and showed us the inside of a proper helmet. Thanks to Corey’s Mom. We appreciate hearing about her son and are very sorry for her loss. Please stay safe everyone.

-Jeannie McGregor