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Why your help is needed?

  1. Your help is greatly needed to give our youth an introduction to safer riding and driving.
  2. Stats: 384 tragic fatalities from 2005-to-2014

Motorcycle Incidents over a 5-year span

Fatal Deaths………..163


Injured victims…. 7,200


Giving a total of 18,163 Motorcycle crashes.

So many of these didn’t have to happen!!!

  1. To speak to youth (ages 16 to 21) on motor vehicles crashes. A recent ICBC 5-year study between 2010 – 2014, showed that in BC alone, crashes involving drivers and passengers averaged:

Fatal Deaths……157

Injured youth…. 34,600



Giving a Total of 199,757 youth ages 16-21 involved in crashes in BC.


  1.  Motorcycles make up 3.4% of BC’s insured vehicle’s, yet they are involved in approximately 11.2% of all road fatalities. This is hugely disproportionate!
  2. To Provide Presentations on Road Safety to Empower and Create Change.
  3. Our goal is to take the Presentation to all schools in BC, to colleges, training schools and universities. Our objective is to present the C.O.R.E.Y. powerpoint presentation every two years to make sure all the students have the knowledge. We also would like to do training facilities and community training sessions.
  4.  Your donation equaled to our passion, can be 100% reassured to be used responsibly, to take this message and make sure that our friends and our family, our children and their children’s children, our towns and our communities, have an opportunity for this introduction to see how and what it takes to ride and drive safe, and the importance of choice. Knowledge is the power.
  5. We update our donors of how their donations are used.
  6. Each year we submit the appropriate forms to the Government Agency.
  7. Our administrative and fundraising costs are reviewed yearly by our Board of Directors.

Thank you for your support it helps…

  1. CoreySafe to help support the services and programs of C.O.R.E.Y. Ride & Drive Safe an Introduction to Safer Riding and Driving to take across the province of BC.
  2. CoreySafe is committed to supporting local and regional campaigns to raise awareness on safer motorcycling across Canada.
  3. Green Silicon Wrist Bands with C.O.R.E.Y. Ride & Drive Safe embossed on them will be handed out to each student as a gift, to always remember what they learned that day.
  4. Motorcycle Safety Gear….so the students can see firsthand what safety gear looks like and what it feels like.
  5. Posters, banners, brochures and materials for events in each community.